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Education Assessments & Reporting

Specialising in Educational Assessments for Brain Injury and Complex Trauma we bring understanding and a wealth of expertise to empower individuals  on their unique learning journeys.   Working with our partners we navigate the complexities of rehabilitation in education, ensuring tailored assessments and support for each case.

Partner with us to collaborate in creating personalised education strategies, fostering growth and maximising the learning experience for young people on the path to recovery.

We adopt a transformative approach to rehabilitiation using strategic insight and tailored solutions 

Educational Assessments & Reporting

As an experienced Educational Assessment firm,  we receive instructions from Brain Injury and Trauma Case Management Services and Solicitors, to assess the impact of trauma on a young person's education and their future education needs.   We visit the client in their home or hospital and discuss their situation and their academic history.   We perform standardised assessments with the client in order to gain an understanding of their current academic levels.  The assessment can be performed in multiple visits as required.

Adult Students

Rehabilitation Tuition

Our rehabilitation tuition uses a transformative and empowering approach that assist clients who have suffered life altering trauma to access education and achive their fullest potential.

As each of our student's needs, goals and abilities are unique we work closely with Multi Agency Teams to develop personalised learning plans tailored to the students' aspirations.

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