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International SEND & Mainstream Tuition and Educational Assessment Services based in the UK

At SEND Tutorz, we encompass a spectrum of educational support.  From dynamic Special Educational Needs & Disabilities and Mainstream tutoring that tailors learning to an individual's needs to comprehensive Educational Assessments for Litigation and Care Management plans.

We also bring vast experience navigating the complex and intricate landscape of Educational Health Care Plans providing holistic support, guidance and advocacy services when it's most needed.

We believe in empowering students with the study skills and learning resources they need to achieve academic success. Our talented and professional team provides tutoring services to students of all ages, levels of experience, and subjects. We come to your home or connect remotely, whichever is most convenient and suits your particular needs and lifestyle.

We are committed to fostering a learning journey for every individual that will ignite their passion for learning. With our personalised touch, we’re able to channel the most effective learning techniques to challenge, motivate and support our students.


We are proud to be members of the British Association of Brain Injury and Complex Case Management and also to be recognised as a Disability Confident Committed Organisation

SEND Tuition Disability Confident
SEND Tuition for Brain Injury and Complex Cases

We were after a tutor to help with our son who has ASC and high anxiety to specifically help with his executive functioning skills and regain his confidence and motivation for his schoolwork. Although he’s only had a few sessions with Rachel so far, you can see things are very slowly starting to click.

Rachel is the first teacher/tutor our son’s had in many years who seems to naturally get him. This has been, I think, a great source of relief for him and he’s felt confident speaking and interacting with Rachel very quickly.
The skills Rachel has taught him so far are accessible and he’s able to put them into action. Some of them are strategies he already knows in theory, but it’s almost like there have been pieces of the puzzle missing which have stopped him using them effectively. Rachel has supplied these missing pieces and he’s not only slowly practising using them but has actually admitted that they help.
There’s still a long way to go but you can hear the tiny clicks going on in his head as things make more sense for him


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